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Reminders, Traditions, and Daily Life

By Kate Shramek, YWAM Publishing

Espresso_macchiato_Chiang_MaiEach autumn when the leaves change color and the air begins to smell as cold as it feels, I enjoy the tradition of visiting the pumpkin patch and having my first annual sip of a pumpkin spiced latte. Many of my great memories and sentiments are attached to these seasonal traditions.

It is these traditions that draw me out of the day-to-day routine. Most parts of my daily life have become automatic—hit a button for the scheduled bill pay or hear birthday reminders and calendar dates set from my phone alarm. I often get so into these habit and necessity rhythms that I sometimes forget to enjoy the experiences of daily life.

Observing my grandmother over the years taught me a unique perspective on the value of day-to-day activities. My grandma jotted down grocery lists on her calendar and calendar events on her grocery lists, which sometimes led to a missed dental appointment or made for an interesting time at the grocery store. Still, her unique way of remembering is a life lesson. My grandmother took note of her daily life everywhere she could. She appreciated the small details as well as the big events. The result was an awareness of the importance of each day that shaped and formed her personhood and her life.

I appreciate the YWAM Publishing Prayer Diary and Daily Planner because it is full of reminders of things to pray for and helps me focus on how God is shaping my life. Taking the time to put other people and events on my calendar—whether it be a yearly tradition, scheduling a hang out, taking note of a birthday, or writing down a prayer request—is a great way to step out of my normal routine and habits and think about others for a bit.

And as part of the seasonal traditions, the 2014 Prayer Diary and Daily Planner is available for order now, which is a good thing since my 2013 version is full of lists and random scrawled reminders. My grandma would be proud.

I am looking forward to the fact that apple cider and warm boot weather is right around the corner. I can tell by the smell of the air and the harvesting of pumpkin patches. This season I plan to enjoy the traditions that come with the seasons while also remembering to reflect on the joys of daily life.

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